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Darren & Guoda – Villa Sao Paulo Wedding

Darren + Guoda – Wedding Day – Cascais Natural Wonder :) from ORLANDO HORTA – Weddings/Casamen on Vimeo.

Respecting the tradition:

This so funny and cute couple that came on last Monday to get married in Portugal in a venue by the sea in the sumptuous Villa São Paulo – Cascais. The groom wanted absolutely to respect the tradition not seeing the bride before the official ceremony. So when came the time to do the civil ceremony at the register, the groom went there with sun glasses covered of paper, driven by his best men in order to not see his wife-to-be who was already wearing her wedding makeup and hairstyle. This was a very funny moment for everyone, even for the celebrant who was very surprised.


The most extraordinary villa ever!

This wonderful Villa which is the Villa São Paulo in Cascais bay is really at the edge of the Ocean, offering an endless magnificent sea sight. A wedding venue with its 14 bedrooms, in wich the whole guests of the bride and groom could enjoy their stay and this wedding in Portugal.
After the ceremony on the 1st floor terrace, the celebration moved to the garden, around the pool were the lounge was set to enjoy the sun of Portugal on this wonderful warm bright day. From late April, this is the perfect season to do a wedding by the sea in Portugal and enjoy the warmth and good weather of this country.
When sun went down, once the photos were shot, the guests went to the restaurant room, open to the pool side and garden to end up the night with a festive party.






















Darren-Guoda-VSP-26Darren-Guoda-VSP-16Darren-Guoda-VSP-2 Darren-Guoda-VSP-18 Darren-Guoda-VSP-20



Venue: Villa Sao Paulo
Wedding Planner: Lisbon Wedding Planner
Catering: Casa do Marquês

flores vintage-cópia 2

Get a chic Vintage Venue – With 3 simple steps!

1. Feel close to Nature:

To make a good vintage decoration, nothing as good as nature. You can savour your delicious wedding diner on wood tables and chairs for example. Nature is wild so put as many flowers as you want because in a vintage decoration, this is never too much. It doesn’t matter if there are hundred different kinds of flowers on the same table, so you can pick up all the flowers or plants that you like to feel as good as you can be at your weeding venue.

flores vintage-cópia

2. Use Pastel Colours:

You can use magnificent flowers as table centrepieces, the only thing is that they have to be pastel. Pastel is the main characteristic of a retro decoration which is required in a vintage wedding. Mix up as many colours as you want, either pink, off-white or whatever, they just have to be in pastel tones. Of course, this advise is not only for flowers but also for every objet , fold of fabric or other item of your wedding decoration.

makinamarela_casa do marques-0003

3. Organisation of a disorganised decoration:

A vintage style means a decoration without any rule. You can mix up various objects from different styles, they only have to seem coming from a decoration style of the past. Most of the time vintage decoration is busy.

arriba mesas palete

Photographies by NJMattos Photography